What role will Bluetooth play in people’s lives in the future

In the past, the most common applications of Bluetooth in life were keyboards, mice, speakers, and Bluetooth headsets. These transmissions did not require high bandwidth. The use of Bluetooth technology not only saves cable costs, but also increases product flexibility. With the development of the Internet of Things industry, the application of Bluetooth has become more and more widespread, from household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, to personal mobile devices, and even shared bicycle unlocking, using Bluetooth technology. So, what kind of experience will the emergence of Bluetooth 5 bring in the Internet of Things era?

People are becoming more and more dependent on mobile devices, and more and more activities are carried out indoors. Outdoor navigation such as GPS has some blind spots indoors and is easily interfered by buildings, and its accuracy and power consumption make it less effective. Not capable of simple and quick indoor positioning. Therefore, Beacon based on Bluetooth technology appeared, which became an ideal indoor positioning solution.

To put it simply, Beacon is a small information base station that can be used in indoor navigation, mobile payment, in-store shopping guides, people flow analysis, item tracking and other activities related to the movement of people indoors. What Beacon technology achieves is to capture and push information to mobile devices within the communication coverage area through Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Smart).



Its application scenarios are very broad. Through Beacon, indoor positioning can be performed and corresponding services can be provided, such as promptly pushing brand promotion information in department stores, positioning gates and dining facilities for passengers at airports, or pushing to tourists in museums Information on cultural relics around you, etc. In these application scenarios, the location of Beacon is fixed, and users can obtain the location information through the smartphone app. For customers who walk into shopping malls or stores, passengers approaching check-in counters in airports, etc. For some other applications, the user may be prompted when the user is very close to a specific Beacon. For example, the navigation system of a museum or art gallery with a small area and densely displayed exhibits needs to prompt the corresponding exhibit information when the visitor is very close to a specific exhibit. Send product and promotional information to customers through Beacon; museums and art galleries can also develop special applications to send exhibition theme introductions to visitors walking through the hall, or send detailed exhibit information to visitors who stop in front of the exhibits, etc. ; The airport can also use Beacon to track the movements of all passengers.

It is believed that Bluetooth technology can also be integrated into more application scenarios in the future, and support for self-organizing networks, more accurate indoor positioning, and longer use time will give Bluetooth more imagination. The free communication between devices may enable us to truly feel the “intelligence” in the future.

Post time: Sep-23-2020
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