What is the role of the shield in the Bluetooth module

Along with the rapid development trend of high-tech technology, many convenient and fast areas have been presented for our daily life. With the advent of the technological age, the use of information technology has become more and more common. Due to the Internet of Things technology, technological development has endangered people. Intelligent science and the Internet of Things In this period of people, there are great requirements for talents in intelligent science and technology, and the Bluetooth module of the Internet of Things has also been widely used.

Bluetooth modules are widely used in manufacturing industries such as wireless network smart security, smart home systems, smart remote control, industrial control systems, and wireless remote controls. When the controller transmits data at the transmitter point, the Bluetooth module receives the data and translates the information according to the design of the single-chip microcomputer. The control relay is cut off or merged to keep the motor forward/reverse, speed up/down, etc. During this whole process, the electromagnetic coil in the motor will cause many kinds of interference signals, and the time interval of the remote control cannot meet the customer’s requirements. In order to reduce the harm of interference signals, it is also necessary to select wireless transceiver modules with shielding covers. This type of control module has strong anti-interference signal characteristics. Below, the shielding of the Bluetooth module is explained in detail


What are the functions of the shield?
The effect of the shielding cover: The main board interface of the mobile phone, GPS, and wireless module electronic equipment is welded with a shielding cover composed of a metal bracket and a metal material cover with a shielding effect. At this stage, there are more integrated shielding covers used on Bluetooth modules, which are simple and cost-effective, and shield the electronic components such as electrostatic induction on the PCB.

The basic principle of the shielding cover: Use the shielded body to surround the components, power circuits, components, cables or all system software interference signals to avoid affecting the spread of the magnetic field; the shielded body will receive the power circuit, machine equipment or The system software is surrounded to prevent them from being harmed by external magnetic fields.
If you want to increase the wireless network operating distance, simply pursuing perfection and high sensitivity or increasing the transmitting power of the web terminal cannot completely increase the operating distance, because there will be interference signals in the power supply system, office environment or switching power supply during specific applications. Factors such as the influence of harmonic distortion exist, so it is necessary to fully consider the various anti-interference properties of the RF receiving end.

Post time: Oct-21-2020
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