What is the difference between Bluetooth module and Bluetooth chip

What is the difference between Bluetooth module and Bluetooth chip:
Generally, the Bluetooth chip is part of the Bluetooth module. Why in most cases, Bluetooth application software development uses Bluetooth modules instead of Bluetooth chips?
Advantages and disadvantages of using Bluetooth module:
①Advantages: The trend can be developed rapidly without the need for mobile phone Bluetooth verification.
②Defect: Cost increase.
Advantages and disadvantages of applying Bluetooth chips immediately
①Advantages: low cost, small board size.
②Defects: The development and design are difficult and must be verified by mobile phone Bluetooth.
In the past, some customers tried to control costs, but then realized that a lot of energy, time and money must be spent. In the end, they finally decide to apply the control module.
The objective fact is that compared with the application control module, the cost of non-customary engineering projects (NRE) related to the “integrated ic reduction” design scheme is very high. The entire verification process, including testing equipment, must take a long time. All of these represent the cost of high-value assets. I think it is so easy to predict or analyze.
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Post time: Oct-12-2020
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