What Is HM-10 BLE 4.0 Bluetooth Module?

The HM-10 bluetooth module is a serial BLE module (Bluetooth low power) designed for low power applications that can last for a long time even with coin sized batteries. HM-10  is a Bluetooth 4.0 module based on Texas Instruments cc2540 or cc2541 ble SOC. The firmware and design of the module are made and managed by Shenzhen Edong Industrial Co.,Ltd. The module has a serial / UART layer, which enables the device to interface with different microcontrollers. HM-10 bluetooth module is ideal for creating simple connections and using them with or as ibeacons.

HM-10 bluetooth module has become a very popular Bluetooth 4.0 ble module. HM-10 bluetooth module is only a module based on Bluetooth 4.0, so it will not connect Bluetooth 2 / 2.1 modules, such as hc-05, hc-06 and other Bluetooth modules. HM-10 bluetooth module is controlled by at command sent through Serial uart connection.

Differences between HM-10 bluetooth module and other Bluetooth modules

The main difference of HM-10 bluetooth module is the Bluetooth version. HM-10 bluetooth module  is a Bluetooth 4.0 module, so it has all Bluetooth 4.0 features, such as speed, throughput and range. HM-10 bluetooth module provides up to 24 Mbps data rate and low / low power consumption. In addition, HM-10 bluetooth module provides a distance of 100 meters in open space. Compared with other Bluetooth modules (such as hc-05 based on Bluetooth 2.0), the performance of HM-10 bluetooth module is better than HM-05. Compared with HM-10 bluetooth module, HC–05 can only provide 3 Mbps.

Before you start the project, make sure that your HM-10 bluetooth module is a real HM-10 bluetooth module. There are many clones of HM-10 bluetooth module on the market. To determine the difference between the original and cloned HM-10 bluetooth module, just look at the 32kHz crystal oscillator on the HM-10 bluetooth module board. If there is a crystal oscillator, it is an original HM-10 bluetooth module, and you do not need to change the firmware. On the contrary, if you don’t see the crystal oscillator, it’s a cloned HM-10 bluetooth module. You need to change the firmware of the cloned HM-10 bluetooth module. Without changing the HM-10 bluetooth module firmware, you can neither use the at command to access the hm-10 module nor pair it with a smartphone. We also use the clone module here, so we refreshed its firmware before connecting it to ardruino.

Arduino Bluetooth controller (HM-10 bluetooth module) Android Application

Arduino Bluetooth controller (HM-10 bluetooth module) is an android app that can be downloaded free of charge from Google play store. This application has an easy-to-use HM-10 bluetooth module interface. During the test, it can quickly find HM-10 bluetooth module and connect with HM-10 bluetooth module immediately. The app has some cool features, such as you can create a button and customize it with a custom name and function.

If you have an original HM-10 bluetooth module, you don’t need to re brush the firmware, you can use it immediately. Order original Bluetooth Module HM-10 bluetooth module BLE 4.0 from Shenzhen Edong Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Post time: Jan-12-2021
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