What are the advantages of Bluetooth low energy modules?

From the improvement of the sales market of mobile intelligent terminal commodity machinery and equipment, we can see the rapid development of the Internet of Things technology sales market. Of course, the wireless communication technology with connection function has also received general concern. Nowadays, the more common connection technologies in the sales market include wifi, mobile Bluetooth and NFC. Wireless network WiFi is the wireless network connection with the largest number of network hotspots, but the power is high; NFC can be described as a “private” wireless network connection, which is a short-range connection.

Compared with the high power consumption of wifi and the close range of NFC, the seamless splicing and interconnection of low energy consumption of mobile phone Bluetooth is obviously the most powerful competitor in the IoT technology sales market. Those who firmly believe in the Bluetooth of mobile phones know that Bluetooth for low-energy mobile phones, also known as “Bluetooth for Smart Phones”, is a wireless network connection technology planned and released by SIG.
Low energy mobile phone Bluetooth has eight advantages:
①Transfer data: Low-energy mobile phone Bluetooth is suitable for small data files transmitted at a rate of 2Mbps. All connections apply advanced low-power monitoring methods to complete the extremely low working cycle time and reduce the power to less.
②Frequency hopping: Low-energy mobile phone Bluetooth application wireless communication technology universal responsive frequency hopping technology reduces other technical impacts in the 2.4 kiloMHz ISM frequency band to less. The advantages of high-efficiency multipath have improved the cost budget of the routing protocol and a reasonable scope of operation, as well as increased power.
③Server operation: Low-energy mobile phone Bluetooth has the operation function of an intelligent system. The server can stay in sleep mode for a long time and is only awakened by the control panel when the server must be executed. Because the power of the server CPU is generally higher than that of the Bluetooth control panel of low-energy mobile phones, a relatively large level of environmental protection and energy saving has been achieved.
④ Delay: Low-energy mobile phone Bluetooth is suitable for connection settings and data transmission within 3ms. Therefore, in a short-time burst communication, the application can establish a connection and transmit the authenticated data information within a few milliseconds, and then quickly drop the connection.
⑤ Spacing: The increase in modulation index makes the Bluetooth of low-energy mobile phones achieve a larger spacing of more than 100 meters.
⑥Reliability: Low-energy mobile phone Bluetooth applies a strong 24-bit CRC on all data files to ensure good anti-interference.
⑦Strong Internet security factor: Apply CCM’s detailed AES-128 encryption algorithm to produce strong data file encryption and authentication to ensure the security of communication.
⑧Network topology: BLE uses a 32-bit system to browse detailed addresses on each data file attached to the machine equipment, and then can connect billions of machines and equipment. This technology is specifically improved for one-to-one connections, and a star topology will be used for one-to-many connections.



Post time: Oct-10-2020
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