Do you know how to choose the right Bluetooth solution?

The Internet of Things has developed rapidly in recent years, covering almost all intelligent application equipment. It is mainly based on Bluetooth technology. The audience is broad. The Bluetooth standard has the characteristics of intelligence, low power consumption, high connection speed, and low cost, occupying the Internet of Things application market. The main core location. At present, Bluetooth technology has been widely used in all IoT smart products including smart homes, consumer electronics, smart medical care, automobiles, smart wearable devices, and smart building equipment, accelerating the pace of interaction between people and everything. It can be said that Bluetooth has become the most massive wireless communication technology in the Internet of Things. The current development trend of the Internet of Things is gradually changing from a concept to a reality, and Bluetooth technology is the core of all this development process.
In what areas will the development of IoT Bluetooth be popular?
In recent years, many Bluetooth solution manufacturers have developed high-efficiency, low-cost, simple, practical and long-life Bluetooth module solutions. This blooming situation has also excited the entire industry. In the future, whether it is a smart home scene or an automated industry, consumer electronics, and buildings, all things will be interconnected, and Bluetooth connection technology can create more intelligent services on the existing infrastructure through IP connection. , This will create more new trends for expanding IoT applications through Bluetooth technology.
So how do users quickly choose a solution that suits them?
“In traditional applications, human-machine exchange interface equipment, health management, proximity sensing, to the recent emerging smart wear, smart medical, smart home, wireless charging, car and even Industry 4.0, there are IoT Bluetooth presence. “Currently Bluetooth solutions In the solution market segment, no application solution has a market share of more than 35%. It is because of the fragmentation of the market. For Bluetooth solution developers, the design of Bluetooth solutions is mainly based on their market and interests.” Therefore, it is difficult for IoT consumers to choose a suitable Bluetooth solution.
Authoritative experts believe that the selection of a suitable Bluetooth solution should be analyzed from several dimensions, “the scale and strength of the R&D manufacturer, the frequency of program updates, and whether it is applicable to smart devices”. Analysis from these aspects will make a more rational selection. Applicable Bluetooth solution. Perhaps, in the next few years, the powerful integrated system of the Internet of Things Bluetooth can well support the application fields of smart transportation, smart logistics, and smart cities.



Post time: Oct-12-2020
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