Bluetooth modules application in heart rate chest band and face cleanser

With the development of society, people’s pace of life is becoming faster and faster. Daily exercise has become a “luxury”. How to achieve better sports effect in a few spare time has become the goal of sports lovers.

In order to achieve better sports effect, it is not blindly accelerating the frequency of exercise or increasing the intensity of exercise, which sometimes backfires and causes body damage. More professional sports enthusiasts know that the exercise mode based on heart rate monitoring is not only safe and scientific, but also can effectively improve the level of exercise and achieve good fitness and plasticity effect. How to monitor heart rate accurately? The answer is with Bluetooth heart rate strap.

Bluetooth heart rate chest band is to directly obtain the heart rate value by amplifying and processing the micro voltage signal generated by heart beating, and then directly transmit the data to the mobile phone app through Bluetooth. Through the use of Bluetooth heart rate chest band, it can monitor the heart rate at the right time of exercise intensity, so as to avoid excessive or insufficient exercise, and help athletes achieve the goal of exercise more quickly and scientifically.

As a state-owned high-tech enterprise with state-owned background, Yunli Wuli has been focusing on the R & D and innovation in the field of IOT. Its low-power Bluetooth module can provide professional Bluetooth function embedded solutions for consumer electronics, home appliances, lighting equipment, security equipment, massage instruments and other products, and easily realize the intelligent upgrading of traditional electronic products.

Our Bluetooth module also has many advantages, such as small size, multiple models, low power consumption, complete certification and so on. Customers can choose according to their needs.

With the appearance of intelligent facial cleaner, many beauty lovers are captured by its powerful function and effect of publicity, and follow suit one after another. No matter which cleanser is on the market, its basic working principle is to increase the friction frequency and speed through physical friction between the brush head and the facial skin, so as to achieve the purpose of better removal of skin surface grease, dirt, blackhead and aged horniness. Although the cleanser can clean the face well, it should not be too frequent. If it is too frequent, it will damage the skin’s protective barrier. The effect is counterproductive. Some people use it for two days and then forget it; or some people just fish for three days and dry the net intermittently for two days, which has no effect.

If the cleanser has Bluetooth function, it can connect the device with the mobile phone through Bluetooth, and set it in advance on the mobile app, which can regularly remind you to clean your face, and the above problems can be solved. Moreover, a series of functions can be derived, such as selecting the cleaning mode, generating personal cleansing history data, recording the cleaning intensity, frequency, duration, etc It is convenient and practical.



Post time: Jul-23-2020
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