BLE Bluetooth module has become an important tool to improve the wireless transmission rate of products

Bluetooth technology is a wireless technology standard that can realize short-distance data exchange between fixed devices, mobile devices and building personal local area networks. Among them, Bluetooth Low Energy has the advantages of global unified standards, data transmission, low power consumption, low cost and high security, fast response, support for secondary development, and ease of use, making more and more Internet of Things Engineers began to transfer the burden of data collection and transmission to Bluetooth Low Energy.

According to estimates of market share, by 2021, 60% of wireless devices will use Bluetooth, while 16% of devices will use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Most of the growth will occur in applications such as smart home, wearable devices, beacons, automotive electronics, and medical electronics. This directly shows that the BLE Bluetooth module has become an important tool for improving the wireless transmission rate of products.
BLE Low Energy Bluetooth has the following requirements:



1. The communication distance is about 100 meters. Many Bluetooth Low Energy require button batteries to operate. Many IoT devices need to use standard button batteries to run for many years. BLE Bluetooth low energy can achieve ultra-low peak, balanced and idle mode power consumption. In addition, low duty cycle devices can save more power.

2. Interoperability of multiple smart vendors. As a standard protocol, BLE Low Energy Bluetooth, like the previous Bluetooth version, has also been widely adopted by main equipment manufacturers. There are also many IoT slave devices that also support BLE low energy Bluetooth. Mainstream operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows 10, and Linux all natively support BLE low energy Bluetooth. It is predicted that by 2020, 95% of smartphones will support BLE low energy Bluetooth. And this ecosystem will help achieve multi-vendor interoperability.

3. BLE Low Energy Bluetooth is a choice for building collective, family, and personal networks. It can connect power-supply smart devices to mobile phones or computers wirelessly. Therefore, more and more smart wearable devices, computer/mobile phone peripherals and medical monitoring equipment regard BLE low energy Bluetooth as a communication protocol.

Bluetooth 5.0 can provide 2 times the transmission rate, 8 times the broadcasting capacity, and 4 times the coverage in low energy technology (BLE). In particular, Bluetooth 5.0 is also optimized for the Internet of Things, striving to achieve lower power consumption and Stronger performance serves the Internet of Things. Therefore, more and more Internet of Things applications and smart home solutions have begun to include Bluetooth modules in the selection range. SKYLAB has successfully launched the BLE Bluetooth 5.0 module-SKB501 based on the Nordic nRF52840 solution. For more information about the BLE Bluetooth module that is an important tool for improving the wireless transmission rate of the product, please go to the SKYLAB official website to download the 4.0/4.2/5.0BLE Bluetooth module specification.

Post time: Oct-21-2020
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