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Edong in China

Shenzhen Edong Industrial Co.,Ltd is a manufacture and global specialized supplier.

We are focusing on electronic products production and wholesale such as bluetooth modules,

mobile phone spare parts, cell phone accessories, LED lights, electronic cigarette and etcs...

Bluetooth module sales are as high as the world ,more than 68 countries customers have been purchasing from us. We sell all of products with high quality, and factory original production and 100% new with advantage price.


Our advantage

  • Quality advantage

Equipped with professional production testing equipment, all products are subject to strict quality control and are certified by international standards.

  • Service advantages

Free to provide systematic solution support and fast remote after-sales assistance, with a 24-hour real-time response system.

  • ODM R&D & Design Advantage

Establish R&D centers with complete facilities and integrate resources of authoritative academic and scientific research institutions in the industry.

  • Team advantage

Gather the industry's well-known top technology research and development, design and service elite.


Story of Edong

Edong starts from the creation of a small business, is built around strengths, to become a great and prosperous trading and manufactures two in one group.

  • Since 2005 established a self owned international logistics.
  • In 2010, based on a self owned international logistics and completed networks system, Edong gradually develop explore overseas trading market and strengthen the competitive advantage of trading.
    • In 2012, keep up with the development and diversification of society, Edong has built a electronic commerce wholesale platform and works to high quality standards and many kind of products for our clients to choose.
    • In 2013, We adopt high production standards and has solid export capacity through over 800 points of sale worldwide.
    • In 2015, during over two years of development, Edong has built highly-qualified R&D and management teams, and a own factory was set up.
    • In 2018, Edong technology solutions as well as its sophisticated and reliable products with more partners in the international areas, and grow with them on the basis of mutual-benefits and win-win.
    • In 2019, Edong will show more productivity and professional growth, we sure we can be better and better.…

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