What Are The Bluetooth Modules?

In fact, this question is very general, to answer the current wider use of CSR 86xx series of Bluetooth module composition, the current mainstream CSR Bluetooth module 86XX series is generally composed of:

1. Bluetooth SOC, (Bluetooth chip, CS8635).

2. clock crystal oscillator (usually 16MHz/26M/32MHz).

3. RF band pass filter + ANT (ceramic antenna or PCB antenna).

4. SMPS power inductor (and filter capacitor)

5. expand storage with EEPROM or SPI FLASH

6. PCB boards (all of the above components are installed on PCB boards, generally 4-layer boards, the edge of the board is generally open metal half-hole used to connect peripheral circuits) above is just a typical example of CSR program audio module, some modules because the internal integration of EEPROM so that no external storage can work. Some low-power chips do not need external storage. Part of the module to save space, RF antenna is not made on the module, but as a module, the most basic is: a SOC + PCB + minimum application circuit (filter capacitor, patch crystal oscillator)

According to the general purpose, classification can be categorized into 3 categories.

1. voice, audio class SOC, commonly used to make speakers, earphone audio products. For example, CSR8610, CS8635.

2. Simple data transmission class SOC, generally used to transfer short-range, small data transmission (also known as the transmission module, BLE module, low-power module, etc.), such as CSR1010, TI CC2540/2541. Can be used with sensors to do some pedometers, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen content and other low-power personal health equipment (not). Transmission, without audio decoding.

3. voice and data composite SOC, which can transmit voice, audio and data at the same time, such as CSR86708675.

There is another classification method: according to whether Bluetooth chip is solidified by Bluetooth protocol.

1.ROM board, chip supported Bluetooth protocol has been solidified in the factory, such as CSR8635′s Bluetooth protocol:

- Bluetooth v4.0 specification support

- A2DP v1.2

- AVRCP v1.4

- HFP v1.6

- HSP v1.2

- DI v1.3 supports the above Bluetooth protocol, so 8635 can only be used as headphones, speakers, hands-free voice equipment.

2. FLASH version, no solidification protocol, need to choose and configure the Bluetooth protocol in the development environment. For example, CSR8670 can be used to do all kinds of strange Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth heart rate, pedometer, Bluetooth temperature level, Bluetooth port, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth watch and so on ROM chip can do FLASH chip. Can do it, ROM version of the chip can not be achieved, FLASH can also do.

The above information is very detailed, but the information is a bit old. Everyone said 4.0, did not mention the hot Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 4.0-based network solutions. The professional intelligent lighting module is a docking channel. Many people believe that the next Bluetooth 5 plan is the future direction of the market.

Post time: Oct-30-2018
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