The trends and analysis of major LED supply and demand markets in 2018

In recent years, with the continuous development of the LED industry, competition has become increasingly fierce. Each enterprise has chosen a different development path, or cross-border development, or deep farming subdivision, or industrial chain extension…

In October 22nd, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice on adjusting the export tax rebate rate of some products. This notice has been implemented since November 1, 2018.

Official information shows that in order to further simplify the tax system and improve the export tax rebate policy, the VAT export rebate rate of some products has been adjusted, among which the export rebate rate of lamps and other products has been raised to 16%.Then LED supply and demand market trends and analysis in 2018 are as follows:

Including IT display market, general lighting market, building and landscape lighting market, automotive lighting market, display market, infrared and ultraviolet market; and LED supply market analysis.

Trend 1: mobile phone market – Mini LED backlight products have the opportunity to introduce mobile backlight applications in 2018.

Trend two: TV market – WCG & quantum dot technology direction for TV brand manufacturers differentiation

Trend three: general lighting market – the number of potentially replaceable lamps will take 10 years to reach saturation.

Trend four: building and landscape lighting market – night tour economy drives the rise of building and landscape lighting market.

Trend five: car market – China has grown significantly to become the biggest business opportunity in the global automotive market.

Trend six: vehicle market LED usage of vehicle panel gradually enters growth stage.

Trend seven: Display Market – Mini LED on display stage, challenge from retinal Technology

Trend eight: infrared LED market – 2016-2021 IR LED output value annual compound growth rate of 15%

Trend nine: UV-C LED price promotes market size

Trend ten: LED chip market restart to expand production plan… More


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Post time: Nov-12-2018
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