The latest Bluetooth 5.1 and its modules with the smallest size

The latest Bluetooth 5.1 and its modules with the smallest size and the highest power efficiency in the world simplify the development of Bluetooth products and promote the wider application of Bluetooth low-power (ble) connection technology.
Simply classify and summarize the principle of Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a short-distance wireless communication technology, the biggest advantage is integrated in the mobile phone. At the same time, the bandwidth is not large or small. It can support music playing. At the same time, the frequency hopping mechanism increases the stability of Bluetooth.
Bluetooth module, serial port Bluetooth module and other products, as the name implies, are semi-finished module products to achieve Bluetooth functions. It is mainly composed of Bluetooth chip and peripheral components, thus forming a product that can be directly used by users. Because of the wide variety of Bluetooth chips, many engineers don’t know how to choose them. The most important thing to choose the right Bluetooth module is to choose the core master chip of the Bluetooth module, because the performance of the master chip directly determines the function of the Bluetooth module, as well as some important parameters, such as: Bluetooth version, module volume, power consumption, audio, ble rate and other core parameters.
As a short-distance wireless communication technology instead of data cable, Bluetooth supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication. It connects all kinds of data and voice devices in the home or office into a network by wireless way. Several networks can further realize interconnection, forming a distributed network, so as to realize quick and convenient communication between these connected devices.
The implementation of Bluetooth interface in embedded digital signal processor, DSP samples analog signal, processes the digital signal after a / D conversion, and transmits it to the receiving end through Bluetooth interface. Similarly, DSP transforms the digital signal received by Bluetooth into analog signal through D / a conversion, and Bluetooth module is used to receive and transmit Bluetooth signal
What is the difference between single mode and dual mode of Bluetooth module?
In fact, the difference is quite big, which also reflects the progress of technology from the side
Single mode Bluetooth audio, low power Bluetooth ble, either
Dual mode means that both of them are integrated into one chip
Early Bluetooth chips were single-mode
bluetooth modules

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