Currency exchange rate US Dollars to RMB(Yuan)

1 dollar =? Yuan

Currency exchange rate US DOLLAR (USD) to CHINA REMINBI(CNY) 1 U.S. dollars =6.8365 yuan.1 RMB =0.1463 U.S. dollars

Although the recent slowdown of domestic economic growth has a limited impact on the RMB exchange rate against the US dollar, as an important factor affecting the RMB exchange rate, the rapid decline will undoubtedly increase the pressure of RMB exchange rate devaluation, maintain the sustained and high-speed growth of the national economy, and enhance the attractiveness of RMB-denominated assets, which is the national level should be Important issues to be considered include accelerating the cultivation of new momentum for economic growth, focusing on preventing and controlling a relatively large decline in the rate of economic growth in China, steadily promoting economic restructuring, maintaining sustained, medium and high-speed economic growth in China, supporting the basic stability of the RMB exchange rate from the economic fundamentals, and alleviating the pressure of short-term capital outflows. Breaking the expectation of continued devaluation of the renminbi is, after all, the most important.

In the context of the escalation of trade disputes, risk aversion dominates the market, and currencies in emerging markets are generally under pressure recently.

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How do you think of the following analysis?

United States:

GDP = 19.36 trillion US dollars

M2 (M stands for currency, M2 for real and potential purchasing power) = 13.92 trillion USD

M2: 13.92/19.36 per trillion GDP, namely, 0.719 trillion US dollars


According to US standards, China should issue M2:

12.24×0.719=8.8 trillion US dollars

The actual issuance is 173.99 trillion Yuan, if it is equivalent to 8.8 trillion US dollars, it’s


That is, 1 US dollar = 19.77 Yuan

That is to say, 1 US dollar = 19.77 Yuan (what should be this…)

Post time: Aug-10-2018
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