CIIE A Big Events In Global Trade

中国国际进口博览会China International Import Export (CIIE)

The first China International Import Expo opened in Shanghai on the morning of November 5. More than 3,000 enterprises from more than 130 countries and regions signed up to participate in the exhibition. This is also the first large-scale national import Expo held in the world. Many companies participate in the exhibition of their products, which is a rare event.

Opening the door to welcome the guests and friends of the Quartet reflects not only China’s firm determination to further open up, but also China’s active attitude of opening up the market to the whole world. It is a major measure taken by the Chinese government to firmly support trade liberalization and economic globalization and to actively open markets to the world. China’s development is directly related to the vigorous implementation of reform and opening-up in the past 40 years. It demonstrates China’s commitment to reform and opening-up, and also promotes the construction of an open world economy.

Participating countries cover five continents, including developed countries, developing countries and least developed countries. Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, Russia, Britain, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and other 12 host countries have established unique pavilions and sent high-level government delegations.

In any case, the Expo is China’s active measures to promote global trade, that is, to let go of imagination, I’m afraid I can’t imagine what’s bad for Western countries’exports. Why should we not speculate in good faith about China’s “political goals”? But in the western media, they praise the Chinese government for something.

Taking advantage of scientific and technological means, the exhibition hall of every country has distinct characteristics.

Walking through the famous enterprise promenade, seeing the cool new special technology

Conform to the pursuit of a better life, innovative products are very popular.

Important facts still need to be clarified. The Expo is obviously not for Western leaders, but for enterprises and exporters all over the world, including Western enterprises. The number of Japanese enterprises participating in the exhibition ranks first, followed by Korean, American, Australian, German and Italian enterprises, which is enough to show the enthusiasm of enterprises in developed countries for the Expo, and indicates the high probability of success of the Expo.

In the fashionable intelligent and high-end equipment exhibition area, more than 400 enterprises participated in the exhibition, including General Electric, Dupont, Mitsubishi Motor, Microsoft, Canon, Hitachi, Siemens, Dell and other top 500 companies in the world. The world’s leading robots and robotic automation industries, such as Kuka, ABB, Fanaco, also focus on its cutting-edge achievements.

If more surplus countries and regions try to hold import fairs, it will only promote the balance of international trade. Countries with trade deficits should not complain, but should promote their enterprises to seize every opportunity to promote their products to the outside world. Sometimes the information is unbalanced, and access to the Expo provides a platform for both suppliers and sellers to achieve low-cost communication.

China’s long-term trade surplus, and excessive surplus is not conducive to China, this is the consensus of our society. Whether from the point of view of helping Chinese people to upgrade consumption or promoting production progress, it is beneficial to expand the import of high-quality products. To transform part of China’s foreign exchange reserves into comprehensive social progress, such a realistic demand is the inherent motive force for China’s import exposition to finally come on stage.

China started to hold a national export exposition in Guangzhou very early, and then China really became the world’s leading exporter. Now we are holding an import fair. The Chinese generally believe that it will promote the expansion of imports. China’s logic always has its own characteristics. Sino-foreign cooperation should be mutually understood and respected.

The way of doing things in China and the United States is not the same. The two countries are in a comprehensive trade war. China can absolutely exclude all American enterprises from the Expo to exert pressure on the other side. However, China’s choice is to return the trade war to the trade war and open the Expo to the United States. The Expo will still open the door to American enterprises. The attitude of the US side is that since there is a trade war, all aspects of China’s economy are wrong, and what China does can be questioned as a “trick”. Which attitude is more bosom?

We firmly support the holding of the first China Import Expo. We also believe that the long-term operation of the Expo will have an effect on promoting China’s high-quality imports and contribute to China’s import and export balance. We would like to suggest here that China do not have to look at the Expo in an unexpected way, let alone artificially expand the turnover of the first Expo in order to prove our goodwill. Entering the fair is a long-term rather than a short-term one.

As long as China’s market is bigger and bigger, the Expo will be doomed. This initiative in China will surely be a very positive event in the history of world trade.

Post time: Nov-05-2018
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