Bluetooth 4.0 the mainstream commercial Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth 4.0 is the mainstream commercial Bluetooth technology. Compared with previous versions of Bluetooth, the biggest improvement is to reduce power consumption. The core specification of Bluetooth 4.0, Low Power Technology (BLE), can even work with a button battery for several years, which greatly prolongs the standby time of the product. Bluetooth 4.0 is a major breakthrough in Bluetooth technology. It will change our impression that traditional Bluetooth is time-consuming, power-consuming, short distance and difficult to match. HM-10 is the main module, using TI CC2540/1 chip, configuring 256KB space. It has three functions: transmission, remote control and PIO acquisition. It can be switched and set through AT instruction set. Like the Bluetooth serial module you used before, it can be easily upgraded to Bluetooth 4.0 without changing PCB and lower computer program.

Characteristic 1. Ultra-low standby power consumption, 90-800uA

2. Extra-long connection distance, up to 60 meters

3. Ultrafast reaction rate 0.4 seconds

4. Android, Apple, PC, MAC Universal

5. Transmitting and receiving bytes are unrestricted, up to 5KB/s


Post time: Jun-23-2019
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