Attention points for choosing lamps and lanterns

Attention points for choosing lamps and lanterns

Lights in the home environment are indispensable, building materials market a variety of lamps and lanterns, and the sale of lamps and lanterns business is countless, the corresponding consumers may encounter quality fraud, price fraud will increase. So what knowledge should consumers know before buying lamps and lanterns? How to choose suitable lamps and lanterns for the home environment? Next, make up the knowledge of choosing lamps and lanterns for everybody.

Pick out the trick

In choosing lamps and lanterns, we must understand such a few selection prerequisites.

First of all, safety, when choosing lamps and lanterns cannot be blindly cheap, but to see its quality, check the quality assurance certificate, certificate is complete. The most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap is not good. The quality of many cheap lamps is often hidden. If there is a fire, the consequences are unthinkable.

Secondly, attention should be paid to style consistency in lighting selection. The color, shape and style of lamps must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture. Flashy lights can not only add to the icing on the cake, but gild the lily. Choose lamps and lanterns color in addition to the indoor color tone, of course, also according to personal preference to buy, especially the color of the lampshade plays a great role in the atmosphere. The size, type and quantity of lamps and lanterns should be in harmony with the size, total area and indoor height of the living room. In addition, as the pattern of lamps and lanterns emerge in endlessly, it is better to know the development trend of lamps and lanterns before buying them, so as to avoid the bad luck of being eliminated when new lamps and lanterns are bought back. From the perspective of power saving, more energy saving light sources can be installed.

Finally, lighting expenses generally account for about 10% of the total decoration expenses. So, which grade of lighting should be decided according to the economic condition of oneself, and do what is right.

We must inspect the goods carefully when buying lamps and lanterns. Lighting products are mainly fragile products, which will inevitably be scratched or damaged after long distance transportation. Lighting is usually suspended in a prominent position in the home, even minor damage can affect the use of results.

Inventory of lamps and lanterns six principles

Simplicity principle: Lighting in the room should play a finishing touch role, too complex modeling, too complex colors are not suitable for the design of a simple room.

The Convenience Principle: Most people have experienced the embarrassment of changing a ceiling light bulb: stepping on a table, stepping on a chair, holding your head 90 degrees, raising your arms over to a ceiling 2.5 meters or higher. When choosing lamps, you must consider replacing bulbs.

Energy-saving principles: energy-saving bulbs, good lighting, will not emit too much heat, applicable to multi-head lamps and lanterns. Most of the energy-saving bulbs are standard spiral mouth, and chandeliers have two calibres, one is standard, can use energy-saving bulbs; one is non-standard, cannot use energy-saving bulbs. When choosing, we should notice that most of the spotlights are non-energy saving products.

Safety principle: 

We must choose the lamps and lanterns of regular manufacturers. Regular products are marked with a total load, according to the total load can determine how many watts of bulbs to use, especially for multi-head chandeliers, that is, the number of watts per bulb = the total load. In addition, the bathroom with large humidity and kitchen should choose waterproof lamps and lanterns.


Function principle: 

The rooms with different functions should be fitted with different styles and illuminations. Living room should choose bright and rich lamps and lanterns; bedroom should choose lamps and lanterns that make people lie in bed unaware of dazzling; children’s room should choose colorful and varied lamps and lanterns; toilet should choose waterproof lamps and lanterns with simple patterns; kitchen should choose lamps and lanterns that are easy to wipe and clean; some places that need special performance can also choose to shoot. Light. 

Coordination Principle:

Lighting and the overall style of the room to coordinate, and the same room should maintain a variety of lamps and lanterns color coordination or style coordination. Such as wooden walls, wooden cabinets, wooden roof of the rectangular balcony suitable for the installation of rectangular wooden lights; with iron art table, iron tube glass table and chair rectangular hall, suitable for the installation of rectangular iron tube material chandeliers; with a golden cabinet door handle, golden spotlight bedroom, suitable for decorative lights with golden.

Finally, the choice of lamps and lanterns must be purchased on demand, do not face a variety of lamps and lanterns and businessmen chaotic introduction on the loss of rationality, into the merchant fraud.

Post time: Sep-18-2018
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