40th anniversary major lighting exhibitions in Shenzhen 2018

In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, the lighting exhibition in Futian District of Shenzhen presented a large-scale lighting show, with the theme of bright Futian, flowery Futian and gorgeous Futian, which demonstrated the brilliant course of Shenzhen’s development.

Shenzhen lighting show performance time

Performances are arranged daily from September 28, 2018 to December 31st.

Friday, Saturday and national holidays three times a night.

Sunday to Thursday two games per night

From 7 to 10 every night, the public will have the opportunity to see this picture.

During the national day, the large-scale lighting exhibition was formally met with the masses and Chinese and foreign tourists. It is understood that there are 43 buildings participating in the joint performance of “Brilliant New Age”. They will take the central axis, Shennan Avenue and other important perspectives as the display interface, take the citizen center as the core, Ping An Building as the landmark, and display a shocking digital night scene lighting exquisite show in Shenzhen by means of intelligent control.

As a new media art category, the lighting exhibition brings us an ultra sensory experience. With the development of science and technology, more and more high-tech technology and intelligent computer control system have been applied to this celebration form. It has become a perfect combination of art and technology, and now it has become an important form of celebration of city festivals. The whole Futian District of Shenzhen was illuminated by the light show. The lights of various colors set off different themes. It looks like the pink ocean. It is a bit from the soft sprout of science fiction. It is a kind of emotional and picturesque lighting exhibition. The light is flowing all over the place, and the brilliant light wanders in the sea of flowers.

The perfect display of the lighting feast needs the help of the intelligent and complete control system, in which the intelligent embedded hardware will undoubtedly play a vital role. A complete lighting show, all participating buildings and lights, through cable and 4G network to build a dedicated network connection, unified control by the master control room, to achieve simultaneous broadcasting, showing amazing visual effects.

Such Shenzhen, with a trace of tenderness like water, a variety of color lights alternate, unable to catch sight of each other.

Science and technology, vitality and modernization are like Shenzhen, telling the future of our hearts in the night.

The future of Shenzhen deserves more attention. Some people say that the pressure of living in Shenzhen is too great to make people feel tired.

But in fact, as long as you resist the pressure, the future of Shenzhen will not let you down; your future in Shenzhen will become better!

Shenzhen is a special economic zone, and Shenzhen’s transportation is becoming more and more convenient. Shenzhen’s future development is immeasurable.

We can witness the flourishing development of Shenzhen together.

Post time: Nov-05-2018
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