3.3 inch small screen phone Palm is infinitely small

In October 16th, TCL released a 3.3 inch screen Palm brand mobile phone, called the small screen magic machine. It should be noted that this Palm device is not a stand-alone mobile phone, but a “connection device” similar to a smart watch that binds a user’s SIM card for $10 a month. TCL also positioned it as an auxiliary device.

Palm’s main selling point is its small screen, which is only 3.3 inches in size. Ordinary Android phones are still a bit difficult to use, but Palm took inspiration from Apple Watch’s screen and changed the icon to a circular honeycomb icon, making it less laborious for users to operate.

As for configuration, it is equipped with 720P screen, Miaolong 435 processor, 3+32GB memory, 50x97x7.4 compact three-girth, 800 mAh battery, IP68 waterproof, in addition to the battery is a little small, the configuration is surprisingly mainstream.

The Palm small screen magic machine sells for $349.99, or about 2420 yuan.

Next, let’s take a look at the Palm opening of foreign media PhoneArena.

M Mini Android smart phone was launched in November 2nd, and the Verizon contract price is 300 dollars.

3.3 inch small screen phone

3.3 inch small screen phone002

3.3 inch small screen phone003


Post time: Nov-05-2018
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