21TH China Hi-Tech Fair 2019 In Shenzhen

The 21st hi tech Fair will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center and related branch venues from November 13 to November 17, 2019, with six aspects of exhibitions (including national hi tech exhibition, comprehensive exhibition and professional exhibition), forums, professional technical meetings, activities, branch venues and overseas branches.

Exhibition: this Hi Tech fair consists of four parts: National hi tech exhibition, comprehensive exhibition, professional exhibition and branch venue. Among them, the comprehensive exhibition includes innovation and scientific research exhibition, foreign group exhibition area and “along the road” special hall, start-up technology enterprise exhibition, customer exhibition and high-tech service exhibition; professional exhibition includes information technology and product exhibition, energy conservation and environmental protection exhibition, new energy exhibition, building technology innovation exhibition, medical Health Exhibition, photoelectric exhibition, smart city exhibition, aerospace technology exhibition, advanced manufacturing exhibition, and military. Exhibition areas include civil integration exhibition, new materials exhibition, sensor technology and Internet of things Application Exhibition; branch venues include high-tech talents and intelligence exchange meeting, emergency safety technology exhibition, etc.

● exhibition time: November 13-17, 2019

● exhibition address: Shenzhen Exhibition Center

Highlight: in addition to the latest low-power Bluetooth module, ibeacon, Bluetooth intelligent gateway, Bluetooth sensor and other products,Bluetooth module 4.2 , BLE 4.0/BLE 5.0

Low power Bluetooth module HM series

Ble Bluetooth one stop Internet of things solution

It is suitable for all kinds of indoor scenes, real-time monitoring and big data formation of Bluetooth equipment signals within the collection range. Provide intelligent, convenient and efficient services

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China Hi-Tech Fair 2019


Post time: Oct-30-2019
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